Administrative and Academic Councils

The day-to-day operations and academic affairs of the seminary are overseen by the Administrative Council and the Academic Council, ensuring a well-rounded and efficient institution.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Patrick Abem


Rev. Fr. Celestine Udoh

Administrative Dean I

Rev. Fr. Felix Bornwin

Project Lead

Rev. Fr. Cletus Umohetok

Administrative Dean II

Rev. Fr. Dr. Victor Ntui


Rev. Fr. Raphael Ita

Financial Administrator

Rev. Fr. Dr. Sixtus Chikwe

H.O.D Theology

Rev. Fr. Dr. Bartholomew Akpan

HO.O.D Philosophy

Rev. Fr. Dr. Kenneth Odibu

Liturgy Moderator

Rev. Fr. Dr. Kenneth Agwaigbo
RT. Rev. MSGJ. P. Ekarika

Spiritual Director I

Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Akpan

Spiritual Director II

Rev. Fr. Ansalem Nyong

Spiritual Director III

Rev. Fr. Dr. Uzorchukwu Njoku

Spiritual Director IV

Sr. Dr. Agnes Acha, DMMM
Rev. Fr. Dr. James Essiet